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2017 EGLL District Teams and Schedules

East Granby Little League is proud to announce our 2017 District Tournament Baseball/Softball Teams! 

We have a total of 3 Baseball teams and 3 softball teams competing in the District Tournament.  For those unfamiliar with the District Tournament, towards the middle of every summer, a national little league baseball tournament begins which culminates in a World Series, known as the Little League World Series.  This tournament starts off locally for every little league and as you continue to win, you progress until a few teams eventually reach the World Series.  Every year, East Granby enters several teams into this tournament.  Please come out and support our East Granby boys and girls as they compete for a chance to go to the World Series. 


We are proud to announce the following teams:


2017 - 11/12 East Granby Baseball District Tournament Team

Manager: Mark Lakomy

Assistant Coach: Aaron Nardi

Assistant Coach: Ryan Attainese

1. Caleb Attainese

2. Gavin Burke

3. Matthew Fagnant

4. James Fagnant

5. Brady Gill

6. Luke Guyer

7. Nate Kraiza

8. Ben Lakomy

9. Patrick Lakomy

10. Camden Malinowski

11. Ben Nardi

3. Gavin Burke



2017 8/9/10 East Granby Baseball District Tournament Team

Manager: Andrew Pisati

Assistant Coach: Wayne Guilmartin

Assistant Coach: John Anthony

1. Kyle Anthony

2. Adrian Bento

3. Samuel Brigham

4. Cameron Freeman

5. Jacob Guilmartin

6. Thomas Jacius

7. Christopher Lloyd

8. Cole Malinowski

9. Jackson Pisati

10. Cole Popella

11. Peyton Van Beek


2017 9/10/11 Granby/East Granby Baseball District Tournament Team

1. Patrick Liss – Granby

2. Ryan Hughes – Granby

3. Colton Fillmore – Granby

4. Everett Paine – Granby

5. Jackson Ellrod – Granby

6. TJ May – Granby

7. Nick Lombardo – Granby

8. Kieran Beman – East Granby

9. Jackson Moore – East Granby

10. Derek Rybczyk – East Granby

11. Johnathan Capano – Granby

12. Jack Benoit – Granby


2017 Juniors East Granby/Granby/Windsor Softball District Tournament Team

 1. Ashley Bristol - Granby

2. Grace Hall - East Granby

3. Abby Kidd - Granby

4. Maddie Kidd - Granby

5. Alexis Klein – Granby

6. Mia Laakso – Windsor

7. Hayden Mueller - Granby

8. Lexi Nichols - Granby

9. Taylor Popella - East Granby

10. Katie Psutka - Granby

11. Rhennie Velleman - East Granby


 2017 11/12 Granby/East Granby Districts Softball Team

1. Alex Hassett - Granby
2. Ava Guyer- East Granby
3. Sarah Phillips - East Granby
4. Taylor Andrews - East Granby
5. Makayla Gronningsater - Granby
6. Kayla Davis - Granby
7. Natalie Ehrenwerth - Granby
8. Brooke Popella - East Granby
9. Haley Kaczka - Granby
10. Brooke DeJesus - East Granby 
11. Lily Brigham - East Granby


2017 8/9/10 Granby/East Granby Districts Softball Team

1. Isabella Hassett - Granby

2. Alyssa Bordonaro - Granby

3. Alyssa Mackowski - Granby

4. Grace Jennings - Granby

5. Violet Peverly - Granby

6. Ava Ryan - Granby

7. Iris Rooney - Granby

8. Olivia McGovern - Granby

9. Shannon Jones - East Granby

10. Corri Howard - East Granby

11. Taylor Hayes - East Granby

12. Shannon Collins - East Granby

13. Lauren Pstuka - Granby

Good Luck to all East Granby District Tournament Teams!!!


Brandon Freeman

President - East Granby Little League


Heather Popella

Vice President - Softball

East Granby Little League

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Simsbury Fall Baseball registration is now open and closes on...
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2017 District Teams Schedules
Come out and support our 2017 EGLL District Baseball and Softball...
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Post-season play has just recently concluded for our District All Star teams, and if you haven’t heard, the 9/10 and Juniors All Star teams brought home the District 6 Championship titles as well as the Section 2 Championship titles!!! Both teams competed for state titles and although neither came home with the title, they showed that the players from the little towns of East Granby and Granby are a force to be reckoned with on the softball field.  The Majors team was the runner-up in a hard fought District Championship game against Torrington.  Congratulations to all of the East Granby and Granby girls who played on these teams!!

It’s hard to believe it’s time to get ready for Fall softball already, but we want to keep the momentum going.

East Granby Little League will be combining with Granby Little League again this year for Fall softball and registration will be through the Granby Little League site.  We encourage all softballs to register.  

Sign-ups are now open for Fall Softball and will remain open until August 31st.

Granby/East Granby/Hartland Little League's Fall Softball registration is now open to girls who are little league softball age 7-14

(birth years 2003 through 2009)

Ages 8-14

Go to the GLL website or click here to register.

Tentative practice and game schedule is below:

·         1-2 practices a week

·         1-2 games on the weekends.

The focus of Fall softball is to keep the girls actively playing softball and allow them the opportunity to fine tune skills and learn new ones in preparation for the upcoming Spring Season.  We are already in communications with our inter town league to discuss scheduling.  

Please consider registering early so that we can determine what levels we can field teams at.

If you have an interest in coaching Fall softball please submit your interest to Heather Popella at hpopella@cox.net.

If you have any questions, please reach out to EGLL VP Softball Heather Popella at hpopella@cox.net

We look forward to a great fall season.

Thank you,

EGLL Board of Directors


by posted 08/14/2017
Simsbury Fall Baseball Registration Now Open!

Simsbury Fall Baseball registration is now open and closes on 09/08/2017.  

The cost is $155 and is open for East Granby kids born between 05/01/2005 and 08/31/2010. 

Please go to www.Simsburylittleleague.com to register.

by posted 08/11/2017
Open Positions on EGLL Board



East Granby Little League is looking to fill the following positions for the upcoming 2017-2018 year:







If you have interest in filling any of these roles, please contact EGLL President, Brandon Freeman at bfreeman1976@yahoo.com.


For more information on role responsibilities, a full description is on the EGLL website.  East Granby Little League


by posted 07/18/2017
EGLL Meeting of the Members

EGLL Community:

In September, EGLL will hold its annual "Meeting of the Members".  The Annual Meeting of the Members is required under our Constitution and the purpose of this meeting is to elect new members, affirm current members, review and discuss the state of the league, review the EGLL Constitution and By-laws, appoint committees, and "transact any business as may properly come before the meeting".


EGLL encourages members of the EGLL community to attend this meeting to discuss any concerns, issues, questions, etc., they may have involving the league, it's operation, or any other issue.  Anyone wanting to apply for vacant board positions are encouraged to attend this meeting.


The 2017-2018 EGLL Board will be voted in for the new year at this meeting.  The date, time and location of this meeting will be announced in August. 


If you have any questions about this meeting, please feel free to contact EGLL President Brandon Freeman at bfreeman1976@yahoo.com

by posted 07/17/2017
2017 District Teams Schedules

Come out and support our 2017 EGLL District Baseball and Softball Teams as they compete in the District Tournaments this summer!!!


East Granby Baseball 11/12

Sunday, June 25, 2017, 3pm - East Granby v. Canton. (LOCATION: Canton)

FINAL SCORE:  Canton 9, EG 5


Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 8pm - East Granby v. Harwinton. (LOCATION: Simsbury)

FINAL SCORE:  Harwinton 0, EG 15


Saturday, July 1, 2017, 3pm - East Granby v. Torrington. (LOCATION: Torrington)

Monday, July 3, 2017, 8pm - East Granby v. Avon. (LOCATION: Avon)


East Granby Baseball 8/9/10

Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 5:45pm - East Granby v. Simsbury. (LOCATION: Simsbury)

FINAL SCORE:  Simsbury 7, EG 6


Thursday, June 29, 2017, 5:45pm - East Granby v. Burlington. (LOCATION: Plymouth)

Monday, July 3, 2017, 5:45pm - East Granby v. Granby. (LOCATION: Granby)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017, 5:45pm - East Granby v. Avon. (LOCATION: East Granby)


East Granby/Granby (Combined) Baseball 9/10/11

Saturday, June 24, 2017, 5pm - EG/G v. Canton. (LOCATION: Canton)

FINAL SCORE:  Canton 12, EG/G 2


Monday, June 26, 2017, 5:45pm - EG/G v. Avon. (LOCATION: Avon)

FINAL SCORE:  Avon 14, EG/G 2


Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 5:45pm - EG/G v. Burlington. (LOCATION: Avon)

Friday, June 30, 2017, 5:45pm - EG/G v. Torrington. (LOCATION: Granby)


E.Granby/Granby/Windsor Juniors Softball:

Tue 6/20/17                   5:45 pm vs. Canton/Burlington/Simsbury            Canton Dyer Field

Thur 6/22/17                  5:45 pm vs. Canton/Burlington/Simsbury            Granby Salmon Brook Park Field 1

Wed 6/28/17                  5:45 pm vs. Canton/Burlington/Simsbury            Simsbury Memorial Park Field 6


East Granby/Granby Majors Softball:

Sunday 6/18/17                3:00 pm vs. Torrington                   Torrington Colangelo Field

FINAL SCORE:  Torrington 7, EG/G 6


Monday 6/19/17              5:45 pm vs. Simsbury                      Simsbury Memorial Park Field 6

FINAL SCORE:  Simsbury 1, EG/G 11


Tuesday 6/20/17              5:45 pm vs. Terryvile                       Granby Salmon Brook Park Field 1

FINAL SCORE:  Terryville 0, EG/G 15

Wed 6/21/17                      5:45 pm vs  Canton                          Canton Dyer Field

FINAL SCORE:  Canton 0, EG/G 18


Double Elimination Tournament:

Game 1:  EG/G (8) vs. Simsbury (6)

Game 2:  EG/G (3) vs. Torrington (4)

Game 3:  EG/G (9) vs. Simsbury (2)


East Granby/Granby 8-10 Softball: 

Wed 7/5/17                        5:45 pm vs. Simsbury                      Simsbury Memorial Park Field 6



Please see website for directions and up to date schedule information: www.eteamz.com/Ctd6/

by posted 06/19/2017

New 2018 Baseball Bat Standard

With the holidays upon us, are you thinking about purchasing a new baseball bat for your player?

While it makes a great gift, you may want to keep in mind that the bats that are currently available have a limited remaining lifespan in youth baseball, as they will become 'non-compliant' in about a year.

College baseball was first to make the change, then the high school level followed suit (2011). Now, there is a new wood-like performance standard for bats coming to youth baseball. This is not a change being enacted by East Granby Little League, but rather a new nationwide standard for youth baseball.  Little League International (along with AAU, Pony, Cal Ripken, Dixie, etc) will be implementing USA Baseball's new bat standard as of January 1, 2018 and thus, beginning in 2018, all bats used in Little League will need to have a "USABat" stamp on it. There are currently no bats on the market that carry that stamp.

Bottom Line:

1) Everyone in Little League baseball who has his/her own bat will need a new one beginning in 2018.

2) Baseball bats that meet the new requirement will go on sale beginning in the Fall of 2017.


New Youth Baseball Bat Standard (2018)

Key Facts

  • All current youth baseball bats will continue to be 'legal' in Little League through December 31, 2017

  • Baseball 1.15 BPF bats (current youth bats) will not be grandfathered in for the 2018 season

  • Wooden youth bats will be not be affected by the change in 2018

  • The goal of USA Baseball (youth baseball's governing body) is to make youth bats perform like wood.

  • There will be no limit to how light the new bats bat can be (there will be no drop weight limit), which should prove helpful for some younger players. Baseballs likely won't be hit quite as far off the new bats, but the larger diameter barrels should be helpful for players in terms of making contact.

  • New, approved YBBCOR 2 5/8" barrels will be 'legal' in Little League (among other organizations) beginning in 2018

  • USA Baseball has said the change is not being made for safety reasons, but rather for the integrity of the game.

  • TRAVEL PLAYERS: Many travel teams fall under USSSA, which is a separate entity from USA Baseball (which governs Little League). USSSA is not affected by the change to the USABat Standard and USSSA has no current plans to make a change. However, any travel player who also plays Little League Baseball would, beginning in 2018, need to make sure he/she uses a bat that meets the USABat Standard when playing in Little League.

  • SOFTBALL PLAYERS: The 2018 change currently affects baseball bats only. Little League Softball bats are governed by a separate standard.

  • For more information, please visit usabaseball.com

by posted 12/09/2016


Can you explain the new Little League Baseball® Age Determination date, and why the change was made? 

Little League® International always welcomes feedback from every one of our 7,000-plus leagues. We feel that the only way to provide the best experience for Little Leaguers® and their parents is to hear from and listen to our valuable volunteers and participants in communities worldwide. 

Little League conducted a very detailed participation research project. That research showed that parents, players, and volunteers want to see Little League® become, as a whole, a younger program, and give children an easier way to play Little League with their classmates. Our volunteer District Administrators and the Little League International Board of Directors carefully considered the results of the research, and ultimately changed the Age Determination Date for all divisions of Little League Baseball and the Little League Challenger Division® to August 31. This change will ensure that no child playing in the Little League/Major Division will turn 13 years old at any point during their final season in that division. 


by posted 11/11/2015


Can you tell me more about the new bat standard, and how it will affect my Little Leaguer®? 

Developed by a USA Baseball committee of scientific experts, Little League Baseball adopted the new bat standard for mandated use effective January 1, 2018. These new standards utilize the most current advancements available, so that manufacturers can now develop bats with a wood-like performance, which is important for the long-term success of the game. 

Little League-approved bats can be used through December 31, 2017, and our current bat regulations will be in effect until then. That includes the moratorium prohibiting the use of all 2 ¼ inch barrel baseball bats constructed with composite material in the barrel, unless approved. So, for the upcoming 2016 season and the 2017 season, there won’t be any change. You will still see the Little League name on bats being used for play. Beginning January 1, 2018, however, all bats must meet USA Baseball’s standards, and you won’t see Little League branding on permitted bats. The new bats are anticipated to be on sale starting in September 2017. 


by posted 11/11/2015



East Granby Farms

Thank you to those who helped getting the New Batting Cages ordered, approved and installed at East Granby Farms. A special "Thank You" to Brandon Freeman, Peter Burke, Suzanne O'Conor, Stephen Santy, Bob Guyer, Ryan Attianese and Damon Popella who came out on this hot weekend to get the cages ready for use.

Please make sure that you are contacting Tracy Worlund at to book these cages as they will be available by appointment only.


**REMINDER** PLEASE watch your children and do not allow them to climb on the outside of the netting. Please do not bring animals of any kind into or near the batting cages

Thank you,

EGLL Board of Directors

by posted 06/14/2015
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 - You may see this in Inbox as Information Officer.


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