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East Granby, CT

East Granby Little League (EGLL) is an all-volunteer, not for profit organization serving the girls and boys ages 4-15 of East Granby, CT. We offer a variety of Softball and Baseball programs providing a safe, instructional and fun environment for our children to learn the values of sportsmanship, teamwork and respect.


Baseball Little League age for the 2017 season is determined by using the chart found on the following link:





We offer a Co-ed Tee Ball program for player ages 4 - 6.  Tee Ball usually consists of two practices/games per week (weekdays Mon-Thurs).  The practices usually take place at the open space at East Granby Farms.  Two teams practice for about 45 minutes and then play a game for 45 minutes.  Each team will have every batter bat.   We do not keep score or track outs.  The focus of this level is on fundamentals of the game as well a fun learning environment.


Farm Ball is offered to player ages 6 - 8.  This typically is a Coach pitch league and is designed to transition younger players from Tee Ball to “real” baseball.  Players learn the basic skills of hitting, fielding, throwing and base running.  Typically there is one practice during the week and one game on the weekend.  The Farm league consists of teams of East Granby and Granby.  The games are usually played at East Granby Farms and Salmon Brook Park. 


Our AA and AAA divisions are typically made up of players between the ages of 7-11 and offer the players the first chance to pitch from 46 feet.  These games may be up to 6 innings long, where score is kept and results count toward league standings.  There are rules in place to limit excessive base stealing and to encourage catcher development.  AA may have rules in place where a coach will pitch.  AA has more advance instruction than the Farm league, players learn to play multiple positions and players pitch.  AAA is entirely player pitch and is designed to teach more advanced skills to prepare players for the Majors division.  There are typically two to three games per week and a practice.  These leagues are made up of teams in both East Granby and Granby.  The games are usually played at East Granby Farms, Granbrook Park and Salmon Brook Park.


Majors is the most competitive division and it can be made up of player ages 10-12.  League Age 12 players are required to play at the Majors level, unless a waiver is approved by Little League (a league age 12 player who is playing below the Majors level will not be able to pitch).  These games are up to 6 innings long, score is kept and results count toward league standings.  Full Little League rules apply.  Advanced skill level in hitting, fielding and base running is at this level.  There are usually two to three games per week with a practice.  This league is made up of teams in both East Granby and Granby.  Home game are played at East Granby Farms and road game are at Salmon Brook Park.


Juniors level plays on the real baseball diamond - 90 foot base paths and pitchers throw from 60 feet.  Player ages are 12-15 years old.  Home games are played at East Granby High School and there will be travel involved for road games.


Little League International is the governing body and has rules regarding age and residence eligibility, playing time, playing rules and safety.  EGLL is one of many local area Little Leagues and plays in Connecticut District 6.  EGLL administers youth baseball for our town and adopts local rules (where permissible) to make our league best fit our town's needs.