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East Granby, CT

                                East Granby Little League Player Draft Process
General Draft Rules

  • The selection of players for the various teams within a league shall be in compliance with the Little League Draft Selection System as detailed in the Operating Manual provided by Little League International.
  • The league player agent must be present at each draft.
  • The league player agent determines the draft dates, times and location.
  • The league player agent is responsible for supplying the managers with a list of all available players. The list should include the name and age of each player as well as address, phone, and parent’s names.
  • The player agent is allowed to limit the amount of time each manager is provided for the selection of a player.
  • Little League rules also make managers children available to other managers after a predetermined draft round. Therefore, managers must draft their own children by the end of the 3rd round to ensure that their kids play for their own team.   
  • When parents wish for multiple children to play for the same team, they must make this request to the league at least 48 hours prior to the draft.
  • When a manager drafts a sibling, he retains the right to draft the other sibling on his next turn. If he fails to do so, the sibling becomes available to other managers within 2 rounds of taking the first sibling

Pre-Draft Player Evaluations
      Prior to drafting, players are encouraged to attend one of multiple evaluation sessions. During these sessions, players are numbered and organized. The numbers and names are provided to managers in attendance. Managers use the rosters to record evaluation of players (please see EGLL Player Evaluation Process) . The evaluations can be used by managers during the drafting process.
Player Draft Process

     At the draft, each manager will draw numbers for drafting positions. The draft will begin with the team drawing the 1st selection and continue until the last team has had one pick. The draft order will be reversed in the next round and each subsequent round until all players are selected. (Example: 1,2,3,3,2,1,1,2,3,3,2,1 etc.)

**The East Granby Little League Board of Directors has the right to change this information any time they deem appropriate.