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East Granby, CT

East Granby Little League

Volunteer Requirements & Information

All adults who are interested in volunteering for East Granby Little League as a manager, coach or umpire are required to complete a background check.  This is an East Granby Little League mandate.  Only volunteers who have successfully completed their background check will be permitted on practice or game fields.  Below are guidelines on who needs to fill out an application:

  • All managers or coaches over the age of 16 who interact with the players on a practice or game field
  • All umpires over the age of 16 (note: youth umpires between the ages of 12 and 15 are NOT required to complete a volunteer application
  • Team administrators do NOT need to complete a volunteer application


All approved volunteer applications from the spring season are valid for the full calendar year, which includes both the spring and fall seasons.  


Applicants should allow at least a few days for applications to be processed.  Some applications take longer than others, sometimes up to a week.

Please read below the suspension policy for managers and/or parents who fail to comply with this volunteer policy.

All questions related to volunteer applications can be directed to Scott Jacius by email at: 


Tentative Schedule

January 13th:  Volunteer application processing begins for the spring season: The listing of approved volunteers will be posted on the East Granby website; it will be updated every few days until the deadline date:  March 31, 2017 – Spring Season; September 1, 2017 – Fall Season.


Approved Volunteer Listing

The list of approved volunteers will be posted on the Documents tab of the website.


Volunteer Application Process

To obtain the most recent volunteer application click below and follow the remaining instructions:   

2017 NEW Volunteer form - http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/volunteer-app.pdf

2017 RETURNING Volunteer form - http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/returning-volunteer-app.pdf


**NEW volunteers must complete the NEW Volunteer Form. 

SSN is a required field; your application cannot be processed without it. A copy of your drivers license is also required.

**Returning volunteers can check the "2016 Approved Volunteer Listing" and should then fill out the Returning Volunteer Application (link above). A copy of a valid driver's license is still required. 

·  PRINT the application.

·  Complete all required fields

·  Sign the application

·  Include a legible copy of your driver license (Required)

·  MAIL a hard copy of the application and your drivers license to the following address:

Scott Jacius

6 Lexington Drive

East Granby, CT 06026