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Team Parent Manager
What is a Team Parent Manager? A Team Parent Manager is MORE than just being the parent of a child playing in the league. A Team Parent Manager is one person that assists the manager and coaches of a team. Here is some guidance for the Team Parent Role and how the Team Parent can help your team this year. This list is by no means all inclusive nor is every item here expected. You are welcome (and encouraged) to recruit help if you would like. The best thing you can do as a Team Parent is communicate with your team manager and other parents to make the season fun and enjoyable for all.

Any questions can be addressed by the Coordinator of Team Parent Managers, Dawn Flanagan.  Send an email to

Again, thanks so much for volunteering!

Team Communication – work with your manager on what he/she would like you to do. This really varies by manager.

League Communication – from time to time there will be information that you need to communicate to the team from EGLL (team picture info, fund raising info, safety info, etc.). You may do this at the end of practice or during games, talking to players’ parents. This also may be as simple as forwarding emails/information you receive from the League. You may benefit maintaining a team email list to ensure all messages and info can be quickly relayed. Remind families that additional email addresses can be added to their account by logging into EGLL website and editing under "my account". This will ensure all blast emails are received by as many email addresses as they need.

Team Photos – work with league officials to schedule Team Photos on Picture Day.  Receive and distribute to player parents photo ordering packets.

Snack Shack – currently the only concession stand is at East Granby Farms.  Each team will be responsible for running the shack at every home game during the season including playoffs.  Team Parents should work out a schedule so all families participate in covering all required games. Team parent should ensure FVHD guidelines are followed and money should be removed and given to the concessions Coordinator in a timely manner. This is required by the team regardless of completion of volunteer hours. Often works out well to assign every family one or two days in the shack at the start of the season so all are included. More than one parent can be assigned and a teenager with adult supervision is also allowed. Click here for Snack Shack Instructions

Adult Coordinator- all games require either an adult umpire or an Adult Coordinator. The Adult Coordinator does not need to be a trained umpire, only an adult who remains at the game and attends pregame brief with the youth umpires. Click here for Adult Coordinator description

Uniform Distribution/ Collection – work with your team manager/coach to coordinate uniform distribution and for some teams collection at the end of the season.

Volunteer application - ensure all parents who will be working with or around the kids have completed & Submitted  the Volunteer Application so the league can conduct the mandatory background checks. Click here for Volunteer Application 

Volunteer Completion Refund Form - Ensure parents are aware of the requirement. They should keep and maintain the form themselves. Since only one form is required per family it would be difficult for you to maintain one  for every family. If you choose to you may keep a book with you with everyone's forms but this is not required. Some teams will have more team requirements than the form requires- please ensure all families are aware that team needs may exceed the hours required for a refund and that all should be prepared to share equally in the teams needs (this may include snack shack, adult coordinator or umpire, field prep, assistant coaching). Click here for volunteer completion refund form

Other Duties As Requested by Coaches- sometime coaches will need an extra hand with something. Team parents are there to take care of all the other stuff that comes along with managing the team so they can focus on coaching. Coaches may need assistance getting volunteers to help with field preparation. They may just need and extra set of hands at practice from time-to time. Coaches working with younger children may need a hand wrangling wiggly players back into the dugout during games. Whatever comes up, team parents help find coaches the help they need. Most parents on your team are very willing to lend a hand, they just need to be asked.

Medical Forms- All players are required to have a completed medical form which will be held by the Head Coach and available at all games and practices Click here for Medical Release Form

Any questions please contact the EGLL Coordinator of Parent Managers, Dawn Flanagan at  .