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East Granby, CT

EGLL Volunteer Policy

EGLL is organized by a group of dedicated parents who volunteer as the Board of Directors. It is not run by the Town of EG. As parents and board members, our main goal is to give the youth of EG the best baseball and softball experience possible. As an all-volunteer organization, the league needs the assistance of other parents to help ensure their children will have a fun-filled, memorable season.  To encourage that support, the Board of Directors implemented a $50 Family Volunteer Fee starting in 2013.


For 2017, the Volunteer fee will remain the same as last season ($100.00 per family) regardless of the number of children per family.  The EGLL Board has maintained the same requirements for satisfying the volunteer responsibility as last year, with two (2) notable exceptions:

The EGLL Board has eliminated the volunteer fee at the tee-ball level.

There will be no volunteer fee for Juniors Softball.


Click here for additional information.  The league is not looking for the money; we are looking for help running league operations.  We are looking for roughly 6 hours of time per family.

The Volunteer Requirement is per family - not per person and not per player.  If two parents (or a parent/grandparent and a teenage son/daughter) show up for 3 hours each, they will fulfill their family's requirement.

The family volunteer bond is a refundable deposit of $100 that will be collected during the registration process.  There is only one deposit per family regardless of how many children you have in the league.

You can obtain a refund by simply helping out during the season.  Families are eligible to apply for a full refund after they complete the required service commitment to the league.  Some examples of service include: Board Member, Manager, Assistant Coach, Team Parent, helping with Field Maintenance, helping at snack shack, helping fundraise, helping out at field cleanup days, helping out at Opening Day, umpiring, etc.  Each family must include at least 2 hours of snack shack duty to meet the requirement (Shack hours waived if all family players are on softball teams or Juniors baseball).  There are many ways to help the league and there will be lots of opportunities to get your $100 back during the season.  To obtain a refund, fill out the Volunteer Completion Refund Form. Click here for form. Once all hours are completed, give it to your Team Parent Manager.  The Team Parent will verify the service commitment and submit the form to the Coordinator of Team Parent Managers who will track all refunds and submit to the Treasurer for reimbursement. Families are responsible for ensuring their forms are approved as tasks are completed.  All refund requests must be submitted by July 1st. Cash refunds will be handed out before July 15th (times and location will be sent out once the bulk of forms are received). Anyone who has submitted a form and cannot make it for the cash refund will receive a check in the mail after July 15th.  No refunds will be issued after July 15th.

Please be aware, each family is responsible for completing their own forms- board members, coaches, and parent managers can sign off hours as they are completed but you must provide them the form to sign off. Families should try to get the forms signed off as they complete tasks and once all hours are completed it can be turned over to the Team Parent Manager. Any form NOT turned over to the parent manager will be the families responsibility to return to the Coordinator of Parent Managers before the deadline. You should also keep a copy for your records.

EGLL truly appreciates your support.  When everyone does their part to help, it makes a much more enjoyable year. If you want to do more, please contact the EGLL president or any other EGLL board member.                               

Families are eligible to apply for a full refund after they complete the required service commitment to the league. Some examples of service include:

Tasks to fulfill service requirement:

 1.     Helping with Field Maintenance

 2.     Helping at the snack shack for your team’s required nights (Snack Shack Rules)

 3.     Helping to fundraise. Contact Steve Bissell to help.

 4.     Helping at field cleanup days

 5.     Helping out at Opening Day. 

 6.     Attend FVHD Food Safety Course 

 7.     Volunteer umpire or Adult Coordinator 

 8.     Picking up trash around bleachers and in dugouts

 9.     Weeding batting cages

10.    Field preparation before games (line/rake) (8 times)

11.    Raking field after games (8 times)

12.    Helping Equipment manager with equipment bags. 

13.    Helping with special projects like carpentry or electrical work.

14.    Keeping the Scorebook

15.    Running sound at special event days

16.    Announcing for Championship games and All Stars games

17.    Operate Scoreboard

18.    Helping during District games (shack/announcing/field prep/etc)

19.    Helping with League Communications

20.    Coordinate uniforms. 

21.    Managers, Coaches and Assistant Coaches


Opening Day Committee (Non-Board) - Responsible for general oversight of Opening Day, is including communication with town officials regarding use of location. Sub-committees may be formed under this individual to handle specific needs of Opening Day. Responsible for coordinating team/individual pictures raffle, including vendor, location. 

Team Parent Manager / Manager (Non-Board) - Communicates information between the EGLL Board and each team parent manager to ensure all teams are kept informed of league activities & needs as well as important dates

League Communications  (Non-Board) - Responsible for submitting articles of news on behalf of EGLL to Talk Turkey, Granby News, Edline, etc. Major topics include registration and tryout schedules.  

Uniform Coordinator – (Non-Board) – Responsibilities include working with each manager, team parent manager, and spring assessment committee to gather quotes, communicate with EGLL board, order, and distribute all uniforms to both baseball and softball.